How to program a cnr190w as a repeater?

Can any one please guide me as to how to program my router to be used as a repeater? I have gone in to settings…REPEATER: and connect it to the wireless network…but it still doesn’t transmit internet through the router ssid wireless connection



Refer to following link on configureing Rseries in repeater mode and let me know if you need anymore details.

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Thank you for your response…I followed the instructions in the link you provided but it’s still not working.
I have a base ap that’s connected to the fish antenna where it gets internet broadcast a ssid wireless signal which I named: “Jason Diaz” that connection has internet. In another room, I installed a router cnr190w too which I logged in to the router and enable 2 ssid wireless named “Gabrirla Diaz” and " Brian Diaz" (on which I expect have internet connection) then gone to :“repeater” then I connected to the base ap side wireless (“Jason Diaz”) I saved and rebooted the router.when I get back in, the ssid wireless from the base ap is connected and ticked. But there is still no internet on the ssid wireless connection of the router that I am using as a repeater.
PLEASE HELP ME I dont knows why it doesn’t broadcast internet through the repeater’s ssid wireless connections

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We will need access to your setup to debug the issue . Can you raise a support ticket on .