How to quickly layout an AP network

How to quickly layout an AP network.

Using LINKPlanner V4.5.2 (or later) you can quickly layout a network of APs in three simple steps:

  1. Import your network sites from either CSV or KML, or add individually by point/click on the Google Maps or entering Lat/Long directly. Subscriber sites can be added the same way.
  2. Create a PMP Equipment Template
  3. Create Hub Sites

Step 1 will give you a site layout as shown below:

At the end of Step 3 you will have a network layout as shown below:


For further information on sites, please look at

PMP Equipment Template

To create a PMP Equipment Template, select the PMP Equipment Template option from the Project Configuration menu and then select New Template.

In the Template Details choose a name for the template and if there are multiple templates choose which one is the default by making sure that the Set as default box is ticked.

In the Access Point Equipment section configure the band, product, country, bandwidth and other product parameters, working from left to right and top to bottom. In the Antenna Configuration section, set the modelled beamwidth. Any subscribers within the width of the arc can be connected to the AP. This can be a little wider than the nominal beamwidth of the antenna, the hover help shows the range of values allowed.

The SM Receive Target Level sets the maximum receive level at the AP from each SM.


In the Subscriber Module Equipment, configure the product and set a default antenna type. All subscriber modules created will use these settings. Use the Performance Summary section to set the constraints on the performance for the link. Any link, which does not meet the requirements is shown in red.

Create Hub Sites

To access the hub site menu either select the icon from the menu bar or from the right click pop-up menu on the Offline map.


In the hub site menu, select the network sites, which require Access Points and then configure the options on the right hand side:


  • Set the number of APs to add to each hub
  • Set the azimuth of the first AP on each hub site
  • Set the separation angle between the APs, this will default to 360°/number of APs
  • Set the range units and SM Range (note that this range will override the SM Range set in the PMP Equipment template)

Simple select OK to build the AP network shown at the end of Step 3.