how to reduce ping

thats the question,  i do have a few ptp links and at the end a sector with a few clients, 

performance is perfect except ping , that  is 40ms (average) 

i just want to reduce it, the bandwith and stability are perfect, with the old links with ubnt gear the ping was 10ms average.

all ptp are  in eptp mode with 2.5 ms frames , version 2.5.1

sector is tdd mode , v2.5.1 frames 2.5 ms


For the lowest ping times use flexible mode on the AP.  This makes it impossible to do frequency reuse though, so take that into consideration.

With 2.5ms frames you should be seing much lower ping times than 40ms assuming this is the ping time between the cpe and ap.  There may be interference or something else at play.

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Please run spectrum analysis on both master and slave and share the results. The latency generally caused due to interference in the current channel.It could be self or external.

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Try with different frequency. Hope it’ll work.
Link distance? Current Channel n RSSI? UP/DOWN MCS?