How to remove lower basic rates on AOS APs

Summary: This article describes how to remove lower basic rates on an AOS AP through the Web Management Interface and XMS-Cloud.

Removing lower basic rates can affect older clients abilities to connect to the AP and can also decrease the coverage area of an AP. One of the main benefits of removing lower basic rates is that aside from the preamble (which will always be sent to 1.0Mbps), the management traffic will be sent at the lowest basic rate configured, which in the below example, went from 6.0Mbps to 18.0Mbps. It is strongly recommended to research more into the topic before making changes to the basic rates.

Web Management Interface (WMI)

  1. Log in to the AP via the Web Management Interface by loading its IP address in a Web browser.


  2. From the Menu options on the left side, select IAPs and then Global Settings .11bgn


  3. On this page, you can see a set of tick boxes. Unselect the basic rates you wish to remove and select the basic rates you wish to add.


  4. Now navigate back to the Menu on the left side and select Global Settings .11an


  5. Repeat the same process of removing and adding the basic rates you wish to use.


  6. Save your configuration changes by clicking the disk icon



  1. Login to XMS-Cloud and click the Profile option, selecting your Profile from the list

  2. Select the Optimization option, click the Expand arrow under Snippets and move the Slider option to Yes

  3. A warning will appear about making changes via the CLI. Read and understand this warning as an incorrect command could have adverse affects. Click ‘I Agree’ if you wish to continue.


  4. In the AOS Commands text box, enter the below commands - changing the snippet to suit the rates you wish to add/remove and select the Save Configuration option. Note any Configuration push will be service impacting.

    interface iap
    rates supported del 6.0
    rates supported del 9.0
    rates supported del 12.0
    rates basic add 18.0
    rates supported del 9.0
    rates basic add 18.0

    These commands are an example and assume that 802.11b is already disabled.