How to replace PMP 450 3GHz AP

We’re looking to upgrade a 3GHz (CBRS) PMP 450i access point to a 450m. Is there any recommended process for this with regards to SAS frequency coordination, maybe setting up an identical color code (or should it be a new one?) on the new AP so SM’s find it automatically, etc? We’d obviously like to minimize downtown for our customers during the switch, but CBRS doesn’t make things easy. Thanks in advance for any recommendations!

This is super easy. Just enter the new AP/CBSD into cnMaestro SAS mgmt, onboard it, and use the same CC and any other settings you want to use onto the new AP, hang the new AP and remove or disable old one. You’re done. CnMaestro will automatically move all the SM/CBSD’s to the new AP.