How to reset admin password on Force 200

Hello All

I have a Cambium Force 200 Subscriber module in which the person that configured it had forgotten the admin password. Pls help me how can i login into the device without defaulting it becos I don’t want to loose the current config in the SM unit

Please see THESE instructions for resetting to factory defaults. There is no way to reset just the admin password without resetting to factory defaults.

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Thanks a lot for your prompt response

I actually don’t want to loose the working configurations inside the radio unit. How I wish there is another way of bypassing the forgotten admin password without physically resetting the Force200 radio unit to factory default settings.

I will indeed be glad to hear a way out.

Seems like at one time we changed the password on an AP via SNMP… I could be remembering wrong.

Pretty sure you can do it via CNmeastro or CNmaestro or whatever it’s called if your radio uses it.

Is the installer account enabled by chance ? It has been a few firmware releases back but at one time you could log in as installer and change the admin password by uploading a config with whatever password you wanted for the admin account.

Otherwise you are pretty much hosed unless Cambium support has some back door way they could remote in and do it.

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As brubble said, you can upload a config with a modified admin password if the installer account is active. You can also set it via snmp.

If the installer account is active and accessible, thats the way I would go. Use notepad to modify the json file and re-upload it tobthe radio
Just remember that you cant set the admin password blank, just set it to admin or something other than the wanted password, then log in to the admin account and change the password again.

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