ePMP Force 180 and Force 200 External Reset Button Locations

The radio and antenna designs of ePMP Force 180 and Force 200 introduce new locations for the external radio reset


The external button serves two purposes:

  1. To reset the device (briefly depress the button for more than two seconds but less than ten seconds then release). Caution:  If the reset button is pressed for more than ten seconds while powered on, the device will reset back to its factory default configuration
  2. To reset the device to its factory default configuration (depress the button for more than ten seconds then release)

  For more information about ePMP Force 180 and Force 200 products, see http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/access/epmp-1000/


Dear Team,
I have the reset eye beside the radio but empty.
Is this factory defect?

I have been trying to reset the force 200 for many hours now.
Please, help.

its not empty, just can not see the switch in the hole, use a paper clip that has been straightened out to gently push into the hole and feel for the button. then lightly press and hold following the procedure in the guide.

personally, I use the power interruption method (this might take a couple tried to get right but does work nicely) or the recovery ip ( if a radio is being hard to get in to.

Really, the button is quite deep and small. You should try gently to fill the click with some straightened pin or small screwdriver. There are three options depending on press time. Less then 10 sec will reboot it, between 10 and 20 sec will erase config and more then 20 sec will initiate recovery procedure.

do I press when the device is in power or?

yes, as per the administrator and user guides. hold for more than 10 seconds but less than 20 seconds with power on, the system light will go out then back on.