How to reset Major Alarms on ePMP1000 Hotspot?

On ePMP AP and SM i am clear this alarm by push to device clear configuration like this:



Q: How reset this alarm in ePMP1000 Hotspot?

Alarm look like this: Configuration update failed due to device timeout

The configuration alarm can be cleared by successfully pushing configuration to the device.  For Wi-Fi devices, if the configuration push fails then the device is also marked as out of sync.

You will need to figure out why the configuration failed due to device timeout.  The usual reason for this is the device lost connectivity to cnMaestro due to the configuration change.  In this case the device will automatically roll back the configuraiton after 15 minutes in order to restore connnectivity.  Did the device disconnect from cnMaestro during the configuration update? 

If this is the case, review the network settings in the AP Group that was applied to the device to ensure it is correct.  There are also network overrides in the device-level configuration page.  By default "Auto-set from device" is enabled to use the existing configuration settings of the device and not change them.  Verify if this is enabled or disabled.