How to Reset PTP 820E to Factory config from hardware

How to Reset PTP 820E ODU to factory configuration when we can not access from management port because i make mistake by Reserved Services
I’m trying access from another site and management port but i cannot
If there is any way to reset ODU from hardware like button …etc
please help

I did a similar thing on an 850e. Open a ticket with Cambium when you have access to the management port, and they will log in with a tool, and reset the unit for you. Took me 10min after I put in the ticket. They were very responsive.

i cannot access to the unit by Management port …that why we need to reset the unit ,

Hello @adeeb_shebani ,

the same issue happened to me on the PTP 820S. There a recovery Ethernet cable you need to prepare.

If this is hard, let me know, I can assist you further.

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thanks brother. We use Backdoor connection …everything OK now
Sincerely yours,

Hello Adeeb,

thank you!

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