How to run the ePMP Spectrum Analyzer

Here is a brief guide to the Spectrum Analyzer for ePMP 2000.

  • Connect to the ePMP2000 radio GUI and go to Configuration > Radio > General and set Radio Mode to Spectrum Analyzer.

  • Save changes and reboot the device. The same instruction is in a warning message at GUI > Tools > Spectrum Analyzer

  • After the device has rebooted, connect to the GUI and go to **Tools > Spectrum Analyzer"" and click Download Spectrum Analyzer Tool.

    This will take you to the support web page:

  • Select and download the appropriate file for your system, and run it to install the Spectrum Analyzer tool.

  • Start Cambium SA tool and update Device IP Address if required according to real value and save.

    You can check the IP address at GUI > Monitor > Network > Ethernet Interface > IP Address

    You can also use the fallback IP of

  • Click “Connect” in Cambium SA tool.

    Frequency Range for scanning can be selected on this stage:

  • After selecting frequency range click “Start Scan”. Results will be displayed on the graph(s).


  • The Spectrum Analyzer communicates via port 8001, so it must not be blocked by a firewall.

  • The ePMP2000 radio must be in Spectrum Analyzer mode, otherwise the app will not be able to connect to it.