How to set up DN V5000 to DN V5000?

I’ve got a DN V5000 running as POP at a site with onboard controller.

If I want to expand on this, do I just add a V5000 as POP type to a site, then create a link between the two DN V5000’s?

I did that in theory in the controller with a fake MAC and it seems to be ok with that.

It’s about 258m away on the “lower” side of sector 2 of the first DN, is that too far?
Can’t really tell the distance.

I tried to model this in Linkplanner, but it is nearly impossible to figure out how to add it correctly in there as DN to DN so I gave up.

But if this is how it works, then I just keep adding sites and devices and link the new ones up to the new POP site?

I guess then I have to have the facing sectors be on the same channel if they are talking to each other for uplink.

If I recall correctly, you need to be using an external E2E controller to set up multiple POP DNs in the same mesh.

Hmmm, does external on premise controller finally work with cnWave?

Do I need the units to be on anything newer than the v1.0 release?

To model a DN to DN connection in LINKPlanner at the moment please use the PTP side and create a PTP link with V5000 at each end.

Sterling, the onPremise E2E controller is supported on the 1.0 but I don’t believe this is your issue.

Adding a DN to DN link whether you use the onBoard E2E controller or onPremise or indeed cnMaestro is to add a new site and node and link to the DN, this can be to the POP or daisy chained to the next DN depending on your design.

You should not need multiple PoPs at this stage but as the network grows you can indeed use multiple PoP.

I would advise you take a look at the latest Beta software:

FWIW this does support multiple POPs but many other features and improvements.