How to setup cnPilotE400 in Germany as an Access Point via FritzBox7530?

I have cnPilotE400 device and I am one of the Vodafone client in Germany. I have FritzBox 7530 as a main modem and I need to setup access point. But, I couldn’t. Could you please support me ?
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  • Power on e400 with PoE adapter.

  • Connect LAN port of PoE adapter to LAN port of FritzBox 7530.

  • Login to FritzBox 7530, get to know the IP address of e400 from DHCP leases.

  • Login to e400 GUI using http://

  • Configure SSID as described in User Guide.

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Can you support me via just half an hour zoom meeting ?


This is basic configuration. Hence, please reach out our customer support team.
Thank you.

I did it succesfully. Thx.

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