How to setup scheduled base configuration on cnMaestro for PMP devices

Summary: This article will show you how to config a scheduled-based config push to any devices associated with cnMaestro
Products: PMP
Solution: Let me outline how cnMaestro can read/write configuration from its associated devices.
The basic protocol is used in the NMS server or HTTPD/HTTPS, SNMP.
Basically, NMS will communicate via HTTP using a protocol SNMP to pull the device information via MIB (Get-Request), and the End device will respond to it (Get-Response), in the same way, it can also push the templates using (Get-Bulk).
For more details on SNMP : Configure SNMP Community Strings - Cisco
For more details on NMS : Network Management System - an overview | ScienceDirect Topics

In this, article I choose to push AES (Enable/Disable) for AP&SM
Step 1: Create a template to push the config.

  • Once you login into cnMaestro, on your screen-left side menu, you would see the listed options: Select Configuration > Click on Templates.


  • You will see an option on your right middle to Add Template > Then select the product line.

  • Provide a name for this template, the description can refer to the config or any, select device mode it can be both or anyone, Configuration text file/Enter a Valid JSON- rather than uploading a text note or just pasting the comments to the JSON column anything would work. Once you finish modifying the changes save the template.

Step 2: We can push it in bulk or a single device, for bulk click on Monitor and Manage > System > Configuration > Select the Device Type, Template gives you a drop-down to see the saved templates. For single devices search for the device name or Mac and select the device and click on the configuration:

Step 3: If the config needs to push only to the AP just select the Device and uncheck the SMs listed below the Down arrow key . If need all or selected SMs you can unselect/select the required SMs.


Step 4: Once selected the devices scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the below options: Update > Now/Schedule. If the config needs to push on the instance, you can select Now, it needs to be scheduled select Schedule > Select Date > Start time.

  • In case of any critical error recommend not to run the schedule config we can select: Stop update on critical error
  • Also, it’s recommended to push config to the SM first then AP, however, this option is not mandatory for all changes, related to any changes on AP&SM.
  • Devices to update in parallel (It will push to the number of devices at the same time it can be customized)
  • Once you verify the above details proceed to apply the configuration.
  • In order to View configuration jobs > click on the hyper link

Step 5: You can also verify or modify the config jobs: Select > Administration > Jobs: On the same Tab you will see the job status.


Note: These are the same followed for other product lines for schedule-based config push.