How to solve this error (Restricted Because Of Byte Errors On The Wireless Link)

Hello everyone;
Am new here and I would like to be assisted on work I’ve done

I deploying offshore one PTP-670 link,
I finished, the link is Up.
But there remains Errors in the Traffic such : Restricted because of Byte error in the wireless link.
What could be the problem?
And how can I solved it?
Sites frequencies below;
Site A : Tx 5820 Rx 5780
Site B : TX 5780 Rx 5820


what channel size did you select? you only have 40mhz center to center so the best you could do is 30mhz channels (dont remember if the ptp670 does a 30mhz channel), so if your using 40mhz channels you would not have enough dead band between the channels and you would get byte errors from self interference.
If your using a 20mhz channel, try alignment or frequency.

you can look at the statistics to determine which side is getting byte errors and change the tx channel on the opposite side to get a cleaner/better frequency for over water.

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