How to Stress Test AP/SM's?

Hi.  With our previous (non-Cambium) gear, we can do a Wireless performance test (similar to what Cambium tests) but we can also test between IP addresses, so we can start tests to a whole bunch of SM's all at the same time.  So, if we have an AP with 20 clients connected, we can test all 20 CPE's at the same time if we want. Or if we have an AP with 40 clients connected, and if we want to test 15 of them at the same time - we can do that.

The point is, we can simulate an AP under heavy load to see how well it's working, and I'm wondering how to duplicate that sort of test with Cambium ePMP?

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I think you can't!

The only way to do this at this time is to add a router behind the Cambium gear and pilot them to make these tests...