How to track number of GPS satellite track

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we are using CMM5 module in unmanaged condition.

In this scenario we are unable to find number of satellite track information on AP GUI.

Is there any command to check it via telnet in AP

I am not understanding what is meant by "CMM5 module in unmanaged condition"  Does it mean you are not using the controller just the injector?   If you are using the controller with the latest update 1.4 and have the injector upgraded to 00.21 the satelite information is on the GUI of the Controller.  If you are not using a controller, the satellite information is on the uGPS but there is no TCP access to the uGPS.  The other device that can aquire the data from a uGPS besides a CMM is an AP.  

CMM installed is unmanaged(No IP given). It is acting  like a multi port POE switch only. AP & UGPS connected to CMM & sync to AP given on ethernet port. currently upgrade of CMM is not feasible to us. In this case, AP is synced & reflected in SYNC status of AP but GPS information is not visible even on command line gpsinfo shows null. So is there any other method to check satellite track information instead of upgrading CMM.

AP logs:

Telnet+> gpsinfo
Unrecognized GPS Type

GPS Model: Unknown
Rcvr Status:
Chnl 0 0 00 00 00
Chnl 1 0 00 00 00
Chnl 2 0 00 00 00
Chnl 3 0 00 00 00
Chnl 4 0 00 00 00
Chnl 5 0 00 00 00
Chnl 6 0 00 00 00
Chnl 7 0 00 00 00
00/00/0000 00:00:00 Visible-00 Tracked-00
Latitude: N00 00.0000
Longitude: E00 00.0000
Height: 0 meters
PPSMode 0 PulseStatus Off
NoMatch:0 NotValid:0 UpdEa:0 CharCnt:0 nEnRsp: 0

You do have a CMM5 controller but there is no IP and it is not accessible?   The sync ports on the uGPS send the pulse and satellite information on different pins.  The only devices that can recieve the satellite information are an AP or CMM.  If you can run a sync cable to the AP, the AP will be able to show the satellite information.  The PMP Synchronization Solutions User Guide v9.pdf  is located at:

I think it's a CMM5 with only sync injector module, no controller.

This way CMM5 pass to APs only sync, not sync information. So it is not possible to know how many satellites are visibles/tracked.

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If you don't have a CMM5 controller the option is to purchase a controller or use the second sync port on the uGPS and connect it to an AP on the tower, if possible.  Attached are the screen captures from a PMP 450m and CMM5 Controller showing the satellite information: