how to upgrade firmware from CLI o scripting


New firmware.... 

Is posible upgrade in cli, ftp, tftp,sftp o similar for scriping?

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You can do this via SNMP (example from my own linux-hosted scripts):

/usr/bin/snmpset -v2c -c$community $ip . s

using read/write for $community and a resolvable URL (http or ftp) the device will retrieve the firmware from the provided URL, update, and reboot.  

I used it to update about 300 units last night between 1am and 3am.



Hi, only a very very thank you....

Is there more to this call?

I boot up a fresh ePMP, my poller detects it's firmware from the http login page (sw_version) and says Nope, we want a different version, then sends this SNMP set to .7.0 with my local URL (functioning) and I see no request inbound, no error on ePMP and .8.0 (swUpdateStatus) reports 0 (aka, update? what update?)

Is there another mib I have to kick to make it start?

I use

snmpset -v2c -cprivate . i 1

which is "apply settings" but I do that because I also make some other changes via SNMP before pushing firmware.  As far as I know it is not necessary when performing a software update.  (however, you have to ensure that the radio itself will be able to reach the URL you provide - not just routing but make sure it has DNS if you use a FQDN instead of IP address... I have the fresh-from-box radios behind a router programmed for the purpose, that NATs traffic both ways so that I can reach it, and it can reach the web server with firmware and config files, while still being at 


Apply settings was not needed, but I did find that info useful later on.

It ended up being an issue on my http service that was unrelated to the Device and MIBs.

I'm working my way with (mostly) success through the mibs I need to set now, no other problems except one:

.  - WirelessRadiusUser1Certificate.0

We usually upload our own CA.pem from the GUI, I'm trying to jam the same files string content in here, and it doesnt even respond to me, also tried using a URL there just in case (it seems to want the cert, but wont accept it or error). Looking at it in the MIB file, it says read-write and current but I just cant put or get anything from it.

First issue was my mistake, this one has me baffled for days now.

snmpset -c private -v 2c . s "certContentsAreInHere"

Response is always: "timeout"