How to upgrade the software on ePMP/PTP 550 radios


This article demonstrates how to upgrade the software on ePMP/PTP 550 radios from the GUI.


Different ways to upgrade/downgrade the ePMP/PTP 550 radios:

  1. From the device GUI (Simplest way)
  2. From cnMaestro
  3. Using TFTP
  4. Using SNMP
  5. Using SSH- Need root access

From the device GUI

Step 1: Check the current software version and the radio whether GPS Sync or NON-GPS Sync. This information is available under Monitor>> System >> Hardware Version and Software Version as shown below:


Step 2: Correct software upgrade path should be followed while upgrading the devices.

For ePMP 1000, ePMP 2000 and Force100/180/190/200 (ePMP 802.11n): x.x -> 2.2 -> 3.5.6 -> 4.x

For E3K (ePMP 3000), Force 300 and PTP 550 (802.11ac): 4.0 -> 4.3.x

Step 3: Download the software using the following link:


For GPS Sync radio use ePMP-GPS_Synced-vX.X.tar.gz

For non-GPS Sync radio use ePMP-NonGPS_Synced-vX.X.tar.gz

For AC devices (PTP 550/ F300) use ePMP-AC-vX.X.img

Note: Old software versions are available under the Archive section on the same page

Step 4: Upload the software on the radio under Tools>> Software Upgrade >>Upgrade option >> Local file and click on Browse >>Select the file to upload >>click on Upgrade.


Note: Please ensure that power to the device is not interrupted during the upgrade process.

Active and Inactive Bank- ePMP GPS Sync devices have two banks of flash memory, each contains a software version. The software version on the Active Bank is made the Inactive Bank when another software version is upgraded. Upgrade the software twice to have both the bands on the same version (Only for GPS Sync devices)

The Inactive Bank of software will be used by the device in case, the Active Bank cannot be used due to a failure condition.  

Step 5: Reboot the radio once the upgrade is completed successfully.

Most common errors:

  • Please perform device reboot before upgrading the software

         Reason- Device is low on memory, reboot the device to clear memory

  • Board SKU is not supported for this firmware

         Reason- Using the incorrect file

  • Unpack failed - Damaged or wrong package format. Please ensure that the software package is not corrupted.

         Reason- File is corrupted

  • Firmware FLASH write failed

         Reason- Not following the upgrade path

ePMP 802.11n to 802.11ac compatibility rules:


Note: The SW compatibility is made only for a software upgrade process and not for everyday usage. Mixed setups can be unstable, and it is highly recommended to have the same FW version an AP and all SMs.