How to use Mac-Telnet/SSH for remote login in ePMP/PTP 550 radios


  • This article demonstrates how to use Mac-Telnet/SSH for remote login in ePMP/PTP 550 radios.
  • It enables connections to the radio on the link layer via MAC address from RouterOS or mac telnet-enabled devices



Step 1:

Enable SSH, Telnet, Mac-Telnet Access and Mac Telnet Protocol as Mac-Telnet/Mac-SSH under Configuration >> System as shown below:



i. In order to use MAC-Telnet, the default Administrator account password must be changed.

This can be done under Configuration -> System -> Account Management


ii. Please ensure that Mac Telnet Access is enabled on both AP and SM.

Step 2:

Take the SSH access to the AP and use the following command:

mac-talent <Wireless MAC address of SM>

Note:  Using MikroTik- This will not work starting release 6.43 due to compatibility issue on MikroTik.

mac-telnet isn’t working for me, I’m using version 4.6.1, trying to connect from an ePMP 3k to a Force 300-13L, both have mac-telnet and the telnet service enabled. Is this a bug?