How to wire cat5e cable to power ePMP1000 with standard POE Switch -NON GPS units

I read somewhere that a cat5e cable could be wired non standard and power a ePMP1000 without the using the included POE adapter. Anyone know how to do this? Thanks

Cambium is reverse polarity.  So you need to switch the positive and negatives on one end of your cat5 cable.  The blues and the browns.

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For the non-GPS, the included POE is effectively the same as the 29v Canopy POE, with polarity reversed as compared to 'standard' passive POE.

You'll have a problem if you're trying to power it with full 802.3af POE.  (that WILL power the GPS-synced radios, however)

So the power cord for ePMP SMs and Canopy gear is interchangeable, swapping polarity will let you use Ubiquiti, Mikrotik, and other 24-30v passive POE.  802.3af injector (like PMP320CPE) can power ePMP AP, and PMP320AP power will short if plugged into just about anything.


So I am more confused than I started. It looks like the two posts above contradict each other. I am trying to power a EPMP100 NON-GPS Model Number C058900P122A with something like a Netgear GS752TP It has both POE ports and

802.3at PoE Plus Ports.

Any clarification would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

Here is info that  you are looking for:

EPMP 100 (NON GPS Units) C058900A122A/ C050900A023A / C050900A021A

                                                  C058900C132A/ C050900C033A / C050900c031A

    w/ 100meg Ethernet interface

    Can be powerd by   Supplied POE brick 

    or any  passive POE  (between 10v-30v)  Needs  V+ on pins 7 & 8,  V- on pins  4 & 5

    (this is commonly referred to revese passive poe... )

(802.3af or 802.3at is not supported to power this unit)

EPMP 100 (GPS units) C058900A112A / C050900A013A / C050900A011A

      w/ 1Gig Ethernet Internface

      can be powered via the Supplied POE Brick 

      0r  via 802.3af POE 

If you need to make sure, just check the specs listed on the brochure or the end section of the users guide.