How Work Jitter on Canopy 900 2.4 and 5.7


Im an employee from an isp compagny in canada since 5 years. I'm technical support level 2. Do you have a place where i could find information how work jitter in canopy 900 2.4 and 5.7.

We recently aquire a new technology and we need more information about a lot of stuff

Thanks a lot for the information you can proivide me.

There is a alignment tab that allows to check jitter and power level. This is where you could refine the alignment, there is also the AP Evaluation tab that allows you to see all the frequencies that SM  can see and this one includes both jitter and power level, color codes etc

Thanks for the help!

My question is this one.

What mean a Jitter of 1 compare to a jitter of 5. I see a lot of antenna with this when i need to troubleshoot problem at the customer house. What it does affect ?

Well the lower it is the better link quality it is. Also if you have a jitter 5 you can lower it by refining the alingment or lowering the power level. You ought to stick away from the -80 stick to -70's for better signal.  

ty very much