HP All in one not connecting after firmware update to 4.1-r3

I have 2 cnPiolot E410 AP’s. I have 2 printers that were connecting wireless with no issues running on

Once update to both 4.1-r3 and then to 4.1.1-r5 these two printers will not connect. Has anyone else seen this?

HP printers are HP Officejet 6700 and HP Officejet 8600

With Epson printer no problem.
Check Band steering (in WLAN)
If it is ON, try to Disable and check connection from the printers

Thanks for quick response. That option is disabled.

Please go to AP->Notifications->Events.
Try to find in the logs moment when the printer try to connect.
Take sceenshot with error and put here please.

could you please share tech-support via email to sta001@cambiumnetworks.com

Please do share MAC address of devices via email to analyze logs.

MAC ending in 6C:45

just sent you the tech logs


There is a setting under WLAN Advanced that was set to optional and we needed to set to disabled. The settings is

Thank you Shashank

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