HTC TX lookup failed

What does this mean in the log?

Apr 29 00:30:22 PTP550_291243 kernel: [111715.006694] HTC TX lookup failed!
Apr 29 00:30:25 PTP550_291243 kernel: [111717.298412] +HWT
Apr 29 00:30:25 PTP550_291243 kernel: [111717.320850] -HWT

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Hi J2SW,

Can you please provide more context on the issue, is the radio running into any errors ?



Please, I've a similar problem in an ePMP3000 sector latest official stable release (, please see also attached


Before download log files we encountered many times SMs Disconnections and we're investigating on it, we're using GPS and satellites are tracked correctly, holdoff time is 3000 sec.,

Cambium Guys, coud You give Your contribution?
Kind Regarsd


I had same problem at PTP connection between two Force300-16. I found my 'wireless security / WPA2' changed to default on the access point side.

And then everything run well after I set the right password.

So, something weird happened here why it could change by itself. Any Idea?

I am seeing this log as well on ePMP300 with Force300 client.  Client disconnects and re-connects as well. The client has -53 signal and spectrum looks clean. 2 other clients on this sector do not disconnect?

Any further details and siggestions?

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Please try the new beta 4.4-RC23 just released today. You can find it HERE.

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