Https Access to External E2E Controller?

I do recognize the intent with cnWave is to make changes within cnMaestro. I do like being able to check the onboard E2E controller directly by logging into the radio.

With the External E2E controller, I haven’t figured out how to enable direct login. Is there currently a way to enable logging into the External E2E controller directly to view the primary E2E menus as shown below in an onboard E2E controller?

There is no webserver on the external E2E the only GUI available is cnMaestro.

You can use the RESTful APIs through cnMaestro is you want to script things.

Why do you want to login directly. Whilst we have made the interface identical on the OnBoard version cnMaestro should give you so much more.

I suppose fear. If there is a problem connecting to cnMaestro cloud, then I’d like to be able to log into the E2E controller. I suppose that could be resolved by having an on-premise cnMaestro setup - but it is still one extra moving piece to deal with. So far, everything that I use cnMaestro for can be done manually if needed. It turns out, however, that cnWave requires cnMaestro to function if you use an external E2E controller.

I understand that is isn’t integrated, and I understand the likelihood that it won’t be. I’m just looking for a complete understanding of the system.