Hello guys, I need to do some edits to this project, but it is in best server. How do I disable best server so that i can edit.

Hi Timothy,

For now you just need to wait for it to finish processing, although for 12 subscribers it shouldn’t take very long.

If the screen is stuck that way then it looks like a bug. We’ll try to unlock it from our end, but if we need more information I will email you.



Hi @Andrew_Haywood
It has been like this for over a month

I’ve reset the flag in the database so if you refresh it should now show that it has stopped. If it was over a month ago then we won’t be able to spot the error in the logs unfortunately. You can try running again now and see if that gives the same error. Alternatively, can you export your project and email it to

It is still in best server

Can you try again? I think it has been fixed now in the database. You may need to reselect the best server settings that you need.

It is now ok. Thanks Andrew

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