HW Scheduling with BH's

If we have BH’s with P9 hardware, should we upgrade to the latest firmware (7.3) and run hardware scheduling to get the increased throughput?

If this is true, our 20Mbps BH’s will double in throughput?

Nope. With the BH20 @ HWS you will get the ability to autoswitch to 10Mbps in case of interference.

And I’m sure the same thing applies to 10MB BH’s?

Yes. Sorry :wink:

So with Hardware scheduling enabled on BH2400(10 mbps) with P9 in case of interference what speed the BH will switch to…?

I mean 20 mbps BackHaul will switch to 10 mbps ,then 10 mbps Backhauls will switch to what ?

I mean will it give better stability of holding connection in case interference is there with 7.3 ?