I am having a problem connecting to radio ip after I set a vlan

I seem to be able to locally connect to the SM , but after I set a vlan , I can not connect to the SM. 

In order to answer your question I would request you to please understand the VLANs first.

So the VLAN term is basically relates from Switching. Consider a scenario where you have a Switch (Cisco 2960 or 3550 if you have more money)and 4 PCs (1,2,3,4)are connected to this switch.

In first scenario PC1 sends a frame to PC4.All 4 PC are in same VLAN1. Then in this scenario all the PCs (PC2,PC3 & PC4) will receive this message.Further PC4 will accept it and rest PC2 & PC3 will drop it.Below is the picture to elebrate more :-

But in second scenario when PC1 and PC4 are in VLAN10. Where PC2 and PC3 are in VLAN1. The situation and frame flow will be different. When PC1 sends frame to PC4. This will not even go to PC2 and PC3 since they are in different VLAN1. This frame will go to PC4 directly and it will accept it.Below is the picture to elebrate more :-

So in your case when you change the VLAN on SM.You can not connect to PC because there is no similar VLAN configured for PC. To accompalish this either you use one switch and put both PC and SM in same VLAN#. Or you can also configure the PC LAN card or NIC card to be the member of VLAN.

Hope this will help you understanding the concept of VLAN and will also fix your issue.


Yes you will not be able to connect to SM also the AP locally but remotely you can connect since you have the VLAND configured on the radio, there are 3 easy method to connect to either the SM or AP when you configure your VLAND on the radio

The 1st method is

1. Get a switch and configure a valid VLAN and connect your radio, but i will not encourage you to apply this method

2. Connect to the SM by using the back door IP of Cambium ePMP 1000, the back door IP is make sure you configure on your laptop.

3. Another method is to download a virtual NIC to your laptop, open the application and input the required VLAN ID then you are good to go.



same problem here! We tried both 3 suggestions, but on out pmp450 they are not working. We tried to use a managed switch to change the VLAN ID and it is not working. If I try to connect to (setting the right IP on the conputer, obviously) it is not working and I can't even ping the backdoor IP.

Any suggestion? Thanks

Hi there


In order to access to the Radio, once you set VLAN ID in the radio you will be out of it.
Therefore you will need a Management Switch L3 or you can easily get any Mikrotik product “Router” and input a VLAN into it as trunk (do not mark as P/A ) to recovery fully access to your PMP450. So you can continue working on it further.

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Then I think you have a problem with the radio, I would suggest you set the radio to factory default. By using the right power sequence