I am having trouble getting SMs registered

My registration requests are being rejected I assume because no location data is being provided. I am using cnArcher and don’t know when/where to input the location parameters. Can someone provide a little guidance?

I see this message in cnMaestro event log for the ap: CBRS Registration pending due to missing information.


What radio product are you trying to use? The only radios that I know that require location parameters are the 3GHz/CBRS radios… but you’d need to enter those into the cnMaestro CBSD manager beforehand. I don’t believe you can use cnArcher to register CBSD’s.

Sorry, yes CBRS radios. cnArcher doesn’t take care of the details for CBRS radios?

Truth be told, I’m just a desk jockey and haven’t used cnArcher. In order for a CBSD to be registered, you must have a CPI account including your certificate file, and then you must enter in all the various CBSD information for the radio… it should look similar to or ask you these questions:

Thanks, I am the CPI. cnArcher never asks for the cpi data. cnMaestro knows this information.

If cnArcher isn’t asking you for your CPI, your cert and all the CBSD information I listed… then you’re not going to be able to register that radio through the app as a CBSD with cnMaestro & the SAS.

Is it possible that someone from Cambium Networks can tell me what is the sequence for taking a SM out of storage and getting it working for a customer? Please?

@Eric_Ozrelic pretty much covered it. The SM needs to be added in cnMaestro → CBRS → Management tool → (AP to connect to). All of the fields need to be filled out accurately, the CPI certificate uploaded, and CPI password entered. This assumes you have CBRS setup in your cnMaestro account already.

After that, it’s just a matter of configuring the SM to connect to the appropriate AP and getting it installed.

There are challenges with this though, like in the event you go out to do a site survey and don’t know which site or AP you may end up connecting to. In that case, you perform the site survey and then have to add all of the info into cnMaestro → CBRS. Then you can get the SM registered and operational. This is a challenge inherent to the way CBRS/SAS is designed, but isn’t insurmountable, mostly just annoying.

Take SM out of box… plug into laptop and check the firmware version, if too old, update to newest version via CNUT. Upload golden/generic configuration.

Enter in the CBSD information into cnMaestro’s CBSD management tool.

Take SM and do a survey at the potential installation location, if signals look good, then perform install.

Onboard the SM into cnMaestro. Update firmware if needed.


Does cnArcher get involved?

If I had known how convoluted this was we never would have bought in to CBRS.

Our techs don’t use cnArcher and it’s not needed to install any Cambium radios.

I think cnArcher can help in instances where you need to configure a radio on a roof, but you don’t want to take a laptop up there. You’ll need to use some sort of PoE + WiFi device on the SM in order for cnArcher to be effective.

As to CBRS… it seems complicated at first, but once you get it down, it’s pretty easy… it’s basically one more step (registering the CBSD) then installing a regular SM. To Cambium’s credit, they do have the best and easiest to use overall CBRS system IMHO.