I can't login and ping to my radio canopy

Hi, i used canopy wireless for internet connection to my client, the connection is working good, but i can’t login to web config and i can’t ping too, same problem with my client radio. I have already disconnect RJ-45 from radio and plug in again but still same, i can’t login and ping my radio. Any one can’t help me please… thanks

I’m guessing you have an AP at your site, which you CAN ping, but the remote SM you CANNOT ping. It’s the SM that you’re trying to get acces to. You should be able to get to the SM this way:

Access the AP’s home (Status) page
Click Sessions, find the SM and note its LUID
Click LUID Select
Enter the LUID# and click Change LUID
Click View Current Subscriber Modem

And you’re in!

While you’re there, check the IP Configuration: IP Address, Network Accessibility (make it PUBLIC), Save, and Reboot.

Now you should be able to ping and log into the SM directly.

Good luck!

Probably you have left the default address on the AP, the default address is and there may be a router in the way. Hard code your workstation to with a subnet of no gateway no dns.
Open a Internet Explorer and load

there is your AP
if your AP does not load make sure there is no router in between you and AP. If no router exists then chances are you set an IP address on the AP that is different than default.

Also I have seen instances of bad AP and bad SM’s, look at the lights if all you have is a solid power light then there is an issue.
I also have had interference at a customer location where if they turned on their big screen TV the SM would lock up and you could not access, take the SM off site boot it up and no problem. Weird I know but it happened and the SM was mounted 30 feet above the TV on the TV antenna.

thank s guys… but it’s happen not only on ap-sm also on my backhaul radio too, btw i used ip local (not default). and i have try the same ap-sm way on backhaul, but it cant work. is there any way to hard reset on backhaul? or is there different way on backhaul? please need your help. ASAP.
thank you

unplug the power/ethernet
plug a bypass plug into the sync port
power radio back up
now you will be able to go to
verify all settings
you may have disabled access accidently

unplug ethernet first
then unplug the bypass plug
hook synch wire back up
plug in ethernet

now try to access it through the factory default ip orthe private or public IP you specified in config, make sure your on the same subnet.
hope itworks for you