I doubt it would matter but I've heard conflicting stories..

Does the max range on all of the AP’s have to be the same for all SM’s?

I believe that All Ap’s are to be configured exactly the same except for the Color code and Freq.

In a cluster, or even collocated clusters, you should set the max range and percent downlink data the same for all APs. This is to ensure RF transmit cycles are synced and the APs don’t desense each other.

You can, however, set the frequency (only back to back APs, or enough physical separation) and color code the same.


Yeah that’s what I thought.

However it’s frustrating because more range = less throughput and I’ve got 1 shot at 18 miles and the rest aren’t even over 11 miles. Some of my AP’s longest shots are like 7 miles. Seems dumb to send them 18 miles if I only need to shoot 7 miles on certain APs ;(

That’s what the Frame Calculater is for. If the APs in your cluster have different parameters for Max Range, Control Slots, and Data Downlink % AND there are problems like lots of re-registrations then you can use the Frame calculator to balance the APs, so that the synch works properly.

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