I Love the 45 Mbps BHs

I am super happy with the performance of these radios so far. My longest link is 45.2 miles (from the status page and GPS). I am using the connectorized version with Gabriel QFD4-52-N-RK dishes at both ends, space diversity at one end. I should have raised one end slightly, but there is line of site.

I get -65.9 dbm, 14.17 Mbps one way, 14.17 Mbps the other way and 100.0000% link availability over the last few weeks.

Needless to say, I am very :lol: very happy!! :smiley:


I’ve got a hop at 73 miles running great with 4ft dish on both ends.

73 miles!! Nice. 8) I bow down to thee for long shots. lol


Okay, Masters of the “Long Shot”: how did you guys align at these distances? I am getting ready to do a 26-miler (my longest attempt yet), and frankly I’m a bit intimidated. :shock:

If you don’t mind, could explain in a little detail how you aligned such a massive shot? My longest one to date has been only 9 miles, so the jump to a 26-miler is scaring me a bit.


Don’t worry. If you’ve done your homework (path profiles and such) there shouldn’t be any problems. The radios have a fairly loud alignment tone that works very well. It’s loud enough that with my diversity links, I have the dishes 30 feet apart, radio right in the middle to keep fly lead lengths the same and I could align them in windy conditions - it took a while for the windy ones but that’s okay, I don’t mind being up there.

You’l have to start of slow so the radios have a chance to sample the spectrum. I aligned mine with frquencies locked in, instead of using the DFS. Two reasons - 1, the radios find each other quicker for alignment. They don’t have to search the spectrum looking for one another, they know where the other radio should be transmitting at. And 2, I have existing 5.8 GHz radios that were affected by the 45 MBps radios roaming all over the spectrum. Learned that one the hard way! “Hey, we just lost our old microwave! :shock: WTF!” lol

It also helps to have someone on the ground with a laptop to double check the signal strength (or other method).

I though about having a laptop with wireless, bridging from wired to wireless, talking to a PDA with wireless up the tower with me. Never got too far into it - yet! :wink:

Also, don’t use the “Target Range” in the installation wizard. Just use the “Ranging Modes”. I tried it after the radios had ranged, didn’t work too good. Talked to one of the engineers at the manufacturer (Orthogon) and he recommended not using it - fine with me!

Again, I am impressed with these radios have a lot of confidence in them. On a side note, many of my links are paralleling Adtran Tracer links, the 45 Mbps stuff kicks ass so far. Woohoo!! :lol:

Good Luck.


Thanks for the tips! I think the thing I fear most is having only that narrow range of movement to adjust these dishes… one little tap, and you can shoot right past the other dish 26 miles away, and never know it. The dishes that Motorola provides with Canopy are so crude that aligning them is like playing with sticks and rocks.

Do you have any other dishes you’d recommend that align much more precisely? I wish there was a way to confidently align these things millimeter by millimeter! :x

Actually, if you think about it, even if you have a 1 degree (small)beamwidth on your dish, at 26 miles, the beamwidth becomes 0.9 miles! Almost one mile wide at your other end!!! If you have a genaral idea of your azimuth and elevation, you should have no problems. It will be hard for you to “shoot right past the other dish… and not know it. You will pick up some signal long before you are pointing stratight at the other end.

I am using Gabriel Quickfire dishes. I like the mounts that come with them. They are very easy to use. Mount to a standard 4 1/2” pipe and have a wide range of adjustment. They have 2.7 degree beamwidth, 35.2 dbi gain. Dual-polarized with radomes.


I agree if you have a program that will do a point to point and give you the azimuth point the dishes in that direction. set the radios to a fixed freq and you should be pretty close. I did this with my 73 mile shot and found it fairly easy. After you have the dishes aligned you can go back to DFS.

Thanks! You’ve given me some very good advice here…