I need an help to download CNUT

Hi all,

I need to upgrade my SM’s and AP’s’ to canopy Advantage platform , inorder words , I need to homogenise my canopy network with the canopy network updater tool,but I did not have CNUT. Is there anyone to helpme out with a link to download CNUT for free? Thanxs so much in advance … smile.

http://canopywireless.com/support/softw ... hp?catid=4

Everything you need for the CNUT tool is there, both Linux and Windows flavors. :lol:

Make sure you download all the needed packages from the main software update section, i.e. Canopy System Software and possibly the CMM Micro 2.2 Update.

Link to main software site here:



Unless, there has been a change since upgraded our Ap’s, you cannot upgrade your Ap’s yourself to the advantage platform. You can change your sm unit’s after your ap’s have been upgraded. I think we paid $700 for each Ap

Hi all,

Am plarning to update my canopy network with CNUT , I understand that my radio’s should be on hadware P9 to do the upgrade. I want u guys to advise me on how to do my upgrade with CNUT.

should I start with a particuler base station with one radio aftter the other (ie) upgrade and AP and and later update the SM’s that are connected to that perticular AP b14 taking another AP to update. which i think is the best or should I update the entire network???

Plz help.