i need urgent help on my PTP 650 installation

Dear all, I have installed cambium ptp 650 with a distance of about 24km, i could only get an aggregate of 18m

with signal strenght of 59 , can someone help me out? there is clear line of site but i am unable to get capacity beyond 18mb

I also see capacity variant mismatch, I need help

Capacity variant.jpg

You probably have one end of the link in FULL capacity and the other as LITE.  This will force the link to operate at LITE.

If you increase the LITE END to FULL, the capacity will increase by 3.6X.

For a short-term you can turn on the trial mode in the install wizard.  This will activate FULL capacity but only for 60 days.  You will have that amount of time to purchase and apply the upgrade key.



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Hello Livingstone,

things you should know:

lite license allows 125mbps using 45Mhz.

lite license dont have adaptive allocation of bandwith.

with the 20Mhz that you are using the max throuput you will get is  55mbps.


spectrum analisis, look for the best band.

if the other end has instalation armed


That was the case, after correcting that i got 60.5mb link capacity

many thanks