icmp host unreachable spam

i blocked as many ipv4 multicasts as possible on all as many modems as i could…getting to every modem when you have near 1000 active is very difficult to ensure you have everyone blocked. Im still getting the icmp host unreachable spam randomly on my network. is there a way to block the response to the inital igmp request?

i have only 7 different sources…all seem to be a cisco router (not linksys) with a slightly different mac


my ds3 router has 6 10mb cards on it and 1 other cable plugged in i dont remember coming to a total of 7 ports used by me. is it possible that my ds3 router is sending the igmp request?

looks like i found the igmp packets on a subscriber that i missed doing the multicast block…there isnt any easy way to make sure all of my sm’s are blocked is there?

i really wish i would block this AP side :frowning:

i have seen this topic posted serveral times…i am seeing the source of the first igmp v3 request change…is there something that could request an igmp v3/v2 response?

i like talking to myself…but hopefully someone will have this same problem and benift from reading this…

looks like the igmp wasnt coming form a customers router but yet a windows 2003 server that wasnt fully up to date on its patches…

with more research there are worms and what not that can take advantage of the igmp and slam your network.

this server was not behind a SM so it made it difficult to track down.