Ideal 5dbi Antenna Position

What is the ideal antenna position when deploying the hotspot for outdoor applications. Should it be placed vertically or horizontally and at what distance from its nearest obstacke (say from wall or can it be mounted on a wall ) if we are using a 2.4 GHz outddor unit.

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for the ePMP 1000 hotspot with 5dBi antennas the best deployment is to mount the AP with antennas pointing toward the sky (so vertically) with the Ethernet port facing the ground. With this orientation you will get a Omnidirectional coverage pattern in the horizontal (azimuth) 360deg. 

In terms of distance of placement from obstructions it can vary depending on what the obstruction is made of, how large it is, and where it is relative to the AP antenna. If it is non-metallic there is typically little impact on the antenna pattern (although plastics have impact since their dielectric constant can be much different than air), but if it is mettalic it can distort the antenna pattern and change the overall typical coverage area of the AP/antenna. For 2.4GHz a good rule of thumb is to keep the antenna about 0.5 meter (generally 3-5 wavelengths) from any objects if you can. For 5GHz it would be 0.25 meters since the wavelength is half that of 2.4GHz. 


Thank you Jim

Does that apply too when one is on the mountain and the other in The Valley?
Antenna vertical rather than facing each other at angle ?

Vertical or facing each other parallel ?