Ideas to Improve Cambium Support

Can we voice our opinion about Cambium support here?
I mean does giving opinion by opening a case to Cambium support will help it to go to upper management for review?
Or does Cambium have another channel to do so.

Honestly, don’t expect Cambium to ever solve your problem via helpdesk. Even if he solves or confirms a bug, he usually doesn’t admit it :slight_smile:
So don’t count on any reaction from management. I accepted it a long time ago. And 70 percent of the problems I try to solve myself. I also know that cambium products “ripen” about a year after being released to the market. This action of Cambium tempted me to use an alternative manufacturer, it turned out that it is not a stupid way. There, much more can be escalated on heldesk, even though it is also a global corporation scattered across Asia, Africa, Europe and the United States :slight_smile:

lol true but most of the time we did solve ourself but if its involve their database, how can we solve that? p. unless we can hack to their system then consider it solve :joy: :joy: :joy:
do u notice that they can just delete your reply, i think this happen after covid/ since new management, idk…they deleted every reply that they think is not appropriate to their score/ rate or something, it missing in the support account too…like how u going to support a case if u didnt back read on everything first. we sometimes forgot what we have submitted too which not helpfull on the missing data they’ve deleted (FYI as them, we have lot to manage, so we dont remember every case we submitted until after we read back the submitted info) :sweat_smile: now i can see why they like asking repeated question on already answered question. which delay the case process.

I think I’m known here for being “direct” and sometimes impulsive, because I’m one of those people who don’t like inaction. It always annoys me a lot. In addition, some aspects of Cambium’s partnership policy leave much to be desired :slight_smile:

The new president came in a few weeks ago, he comes from a large organization.
I hope that both the approach to products and customers will change.
A lot of things escaped Cambium under the old president, the competition is a few steps ahead and it will be hard for them to catch up with the others. In addition, product valuations are completely detached from the market, even if we consider Cambium to be Ferrari WiFi or Optical Fiber, the prices are too high and the competition is not sleeping.

Let’s wait for next year. Maybe in the new year someone will open their eyes and put emphasis on both dynamic, pro-client and quick action to fix errors, as well as on the pricing policy and product lines they intend to release.

And if someone deletes it, it will only prove that Cambium hates criticism, and criticism is usually constructive in most cases :slight_smile:

I would be very surprised if we had deleted replies from a support ticket. Do you have an example ticket number that I can check?

We do occasionally delete comments on this community site, but normally only because they are spam or personal attacks. As long the discussion is civil, you can criticise Cambium as much as you like :slight_smile: .

u can refer to # 362960, our last reply was directly on the web because the email doesnt have our previous reply when support reply us back.
FYI, this is not the only case (unfortunately we didnt keep a list) :slight_smile: because we thought that we were using a table or picture that not in word only format …so support didnt keep our reply… :sweat_smile: until recently noticed even in all word format this still happen.

Looking at the ticket you mention, your comments have not been deleted, but they are marked as “internal notes” rather than normal comments. I think this is because they were sent from an email address that was not the primary ticket address, nor on the CC list. I will message you with more details.


I apologize as I’m a manager in the support area and only recently became alerted to this thread, I’ll have to make it more of a point to check in to the community more often as a result.

What Simon states is correct. We use Zendesk for our support desk platform and to maintain privacy, persons that respond that weren’t directly on the support ticket initially are treated as private comments. This can happen when a distribution list for example is used initially and then a given person from the distribution list responds with his or her own email instead of using the distribution list. The update is treated as a private comment since the person isn’t a known party to the ticket. If it were added as a public comment, the conversation could effectively be hijacked and data privacy for the known parties could be compromised.

Here’s an article explaining this defaulted and recommended behavior. Cambium believes this policy is sound and has no intention of modifying the default behavior. To avoid it from happening, persons can use the distribution list when responding or perform a reply all.

Cambium truly does want honest and open feedback and we solicit it with each closed ticket and quarterly with our CSAT surveys, only removing customers that specifically request to not be contacted for surveys. We know we’re not perfect and strive to improve with every interaction. Please do let us know if there are other examples where you feel we’ve fallen short of the mark and can do better. Our management team takes this very seriously and I’ve seen positive growth in this area since joining Cambium over 4 years ago. With your ongoing feedback, we will continue to improve.

Joe Faurote
Director – Global Services Operations
Cambium Networks