IE and Management Interface

Having issues when using IE to setup CPE’s Cannot get menus to populate.
Chrome works OK and Firefox is OK. Has anyone run into this issue? It is pretty well only since updating to the newest firmware (8.1.4) that this has started to happen.
And no i dont want an answer of use Chrome or Firefox obviously we do use them as i point out they do work. It is just Cambium seems to have made some settings changes to kill the browsers ability to make changes.
If the issue affects IE then hom far behind are the other two browsers from doing the same thing.

No problems here with IE9 on an 8.1.4 SM

What version of IE are you using?

I was using IE 9 on two different Windows 7 machines upgraded them both to IE 10 and still not populating the wimax fields. but if I use Chrome everything shows as expected.

We have ran into the same problem lately. Tech spent an hour extra in the field thinking something was wrong with the radio. We havent found any solution other than the one you already pointed out: Chrome or Firefox.

And now after updates to chrome when you update firmware and then try to setup the radio chrome wont populate the fields, now firefox is the only one that works.