If 3.5.1 breaks elevate DNS and gateway. How do we elevate?

Just reading release notes as it seems to be a nessicary thing with Cambium firmwares..

It says that DNS and gateway can be broken. Which is what we have seen trying to elevate radios. So, what firmware should we use, and what is the proper method to use it? I had been using the elevator software to run things prior. Can I just use a different firmware within that software, or what?

I'm not sure exactly what this bug is, because I haven't run into it myself, but I have elevated plenty of radios directly to 3.5.1 without any trouble, so I'm guessing that this happens when it's trying to duplicate the network settings from the ubnt firmware? If so, you can probably just use elevator to pre-configure them with the proper dns and gateway information.

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And yes, you should be able to just use an older firmware version with Elevator.

It looks like the PPPoE elevator program uses 3.5.

I'll give that a shot and see if it works better with the latest elevator version.

The latest version of the tool actually uses 3.5.1 and we've elevated 400 CPE's using it now with no trouble at all.

It maintains NAT/Router status or Bridge mode, whatever the Ubiquiti is set to already. We have lost no settings like DNS or Gateway like you're seeing.

Try the tool in your office and test it before using it in your production environment. It works great.


version .17 of the device elevator program uses 3.5.

I'm going to assume we had an older version that may have missed some things, or had an issue. (crossing fingers)

3.5.1, according to the bugs list in the release notes, has some kind of gateway and dns problem. IDK, that's why I asked LOL 

Hi Tristan,

Just checked what is the problem with DNS. It actually means that if you do elevate via web interface it will not carry on DNS settings. If you are using elevator or PPPoE elevator you are fine.



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