implementing VLAN

Hi Everyone,

I know this is a trivial question but I want to ask anyways. I have never tried implementing VLAN on our canopy network until now. We have a DHCP server that gives IP addresses to certain of our SMs. I will like to put these SMs and the DHCP Server in a VLAN, how do I go about this?

Do I create the same vlan id for all SMs and APs and add the same vlan id for the DHCP server of the switch that it plugs to?

This works for us:

Edge Router, DHCP server, and main BH feed to network are on the same root switch:

Port 1 - Router - Access Port
Port 17 - DHCP server WAN - Access Port
Port 18 - DHCP server LAN - VLANxyz
Port 23 - BH to network - Trunk port (automatically adds/allows VLAN’s)

Enable VLANxyz on SM
Enable VLANxyz on AP

This creates a separate network that allows all traffic to access the router, and VLANxyz traffic to access the DHCP server only. The DHCP server routes it’s own network to the edge router.