Important Update: Action Required for cnMaestro Certificate Upgrade

Dear cnMaestro Users,

We would like to inform you the cnMaestro Certificate update planned for April 16 has been postponed by three weeks. The details are available in FSB9083: Update cnMaestro Cloud Managed Device Software by April 15, 2024 to Prevent Service Loss. This decision was made to give our customers sufficient time to complete necessary upgrades.

Urgent Action Required

An email has been sent today to all Super Administrators, highlighting devices at risk of losing connectivity post-upgrade. It is crucial these updates are prioritized within the newly extended timeline.

Verification of Software Compliance

We urge every customer to independently verify their device software versions meet the requirements outlined in FSB9083. This generally means it was released within the last 18 months. Due to email send failures, be aware not all Super Administrators have received this critical notification.

Notice for ePMP 1000 Hotspot Users

Following the certificate update, support for TLS 1.0/1.1 will be discontinued in the cloud, which will affect connectivity for ePMP 1000 Hotspot devices. To continue management through cnMaestro, these devices will need to transition to cnMaestro On-Premises. For guidance on enabling TLS 1.0/TLS 1.1 in On-Premises, please refer to the “Enabling TLS 1.0/TLS 1.1” section in the cnMaestro On-Premises User Guide, located under Appendix > Maintenance > Command line alternatives.