Importing Data to 1.4.0-r11

The new virtual machine that I setup to run version 1.4.0-r11 is failing on the import of data from 1.3.0-r7. I have made several backups from the 1.3.0-r7 and all of them fail on import.

It says Uploaded 25% and then in red at the top it tells me failed to import.



I had a similar issue with one of the customer last week and doing the below step resolved it

1. Unzipped the file “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz” using 7-zip tool.  
2. Inside the extracted folder rename the .tar file to .tar.gz (Eg: “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar” to “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz”)
3. Then import the renamed file “cnmaestro-export_cnmaestr_20170222T202818.tar.gz”.

I hope this chould work.

Please let us knwo if you are still facing the issue.

Sanjay Kumar

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Extracting the file and then renaming the extracted file to tar.gz solved the issue. So there was one too many compressed tar wrappers around the file.

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THanks for reporting this issue.  It has been resolved in the next cnMaestro release, 1.5.0.