improved/evolved ePMP 1000 with FORCE 200 o FORCE 300 specs ?

I would like to change ePMP C050900A021A or C050900A023A (ePMP 1000) radio to a better performance one (Ethernet speed port and wireless bandwidth), like the Force 200 radio or Force 300 radio but with same "external phisical" specs of ePMP 1000 (C050900A021A). I want to be able to perform 220Mbps or 200Mbps or more, without changing the external antenna that uses "pig tail" cable.

Is there a future or actual option for that ?



If you are looking for Force 300 like performance on a connectorized radio, have you looked at our PTP 550 solution? It offers much more features and performance than the Force 300. 

The ePMP 1000 and Force 200 are identical in performance. The only difference is that the Force 200 comes with 25 dBi integrated antenna while C050900A021A or C050900A023A are connectorized versions. Sounds like you are asking for a connectorized version of Force 300 which you can get with the PTP 550 and more. 


I think he is looking for a 1Gbps port connectorized unit in the same type package as the ePMP 1000 that he can use with his current antenna/s (coax pig tails). Using his current ePMP 1000 connectorized setup, he is limited to 100Mbps, no matter the bandwidth he sets radio to use. 

The force 110PTP units have a 1Gbit port, they are connectorized


not the answer I spect, thanks.

PTP 550 is not external phisically identical to the ePMP 1000 or 110PTP