Incorrect profile in Linkplanner v5.6.0

I have a short link I have set up in LP but cannot get anywhere because LP shows the path profile as NLOS which is incorrect. The terrain is pretty mush flat over a driving range (golf), and I have attached both a LP profile and a GE elev. profile. Not sure why this is happening.
GE Elevation Profile.pdf (272.1 KB)
LP GE view.docx (1.0 MB)
LP Profile.docx (134.2 KB)


Unfortunately there is nothing that we can do about the accuracy of the terrain data (see Path Profiles — Cambium LINKPlanner Online Help (5.6.0)). This is why we always recommend a site survey and then to modify the profiles as required - Updating Link Profiles — Cambium LINKPlanner Online Help (5.6.0).



My first step in determining feasibility is from my desktop, especially on a project that is out of state. With given height restrictions (good example is national parks), I can sometimes inform the client that this is not feasible, avoiding a wasted trip. Fortunately in this case, Google Earth’s path profile was accurate in showing LOS was not an issue along with the client telling me the terrain was flat.

My issue was getting accurate performance data with LP showing an obstruction. I knew I could change clutter heights but never thought to change terrain elevation.

Thanks for the tips, Andy. That solved my problem.