Incorrect time on ePMP throughput chart

Today we discovered that all of our ePMP APs seem to display the wrong time on their throughput measurement charts.  For example, it is around 3:16 PM PST at the time of posting this (We have confirmed that the main page shows the proper time from NTP), and the throughput charts on our ePMP APs show times pretty close to 11:14 PM, although each varying by some degree of seconds.  Has anyone else experienced this?  

Every ePMP device I have displays the same way.  Usually somewhere close to UTC time, though the AP I just looked at is about 20 minutes off, even though the AP displays the correct local time from NTP.

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So weird.  Well, at least it's not just us!

yeah same issue here, pain in the proverbial when troubleshooting.  something so simple to get right one would think...

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This is weird. What FW version do you use? On the latest 3.5.5, the time on throughput chart is correct.


We are using 3.5.2, good to hear that it is fixed in the newest version :)

We found something interesting today.  It turns out that the template we used in cnMaestro to have our devices automatically change from PST to PDT ("systemConfigTimezone": "PST8PDT") was what was causing the throughput chart to show incorrect time, even though the time on the dashboard and log is correct.  Somebody changed a device back to PST, and the throughput chart started to show the right time again.

We have the same issue and we are using the latest firmware 4.4.2 and our Time Zone is -5, and the thoughput chart, at this moment our time is 13:01 pm and chart show 5 hours later. Our Time Zone Configuration is UTC-5 EST (Estearn Standard Time North America.


This issue is resolved in the upcoming 4.5 release.