Incorrect wifi password problem - epmp1000 hotspot

We have a customer running a Motel and is recieving several complaints a day of customers unable to connect to guest wifi.  It seems to be Apple devices primarily - they come up with "incorrect wifi password" error.  Sometimes after several attemps they will connect.  Current fiirmware is 3.1 but the same issue existed in lower versions.

Has anyone else had this problem? - Thanks


Can you get a techsupport and mail to us, I will send you my email id. If you login to device UI and go to operations tab then you have an option to "Download Tech Support".

I did some google on the apple device issues with this error message and I see later to iphone 4 people reporting similar problems and I think it must be seen for the regular customers whose phone have stored the user name and password and iphone OS pre populate the username and password on the guest login page but if they manually enter it each time then it works fine.

Anyways if you can send us a techsupport of the access point where the problem was recently reported and if possible taken just after the problem is seen. Meanwhile we will retest iphone 5-6 series for the issue and see if we can also see the issue in our testing.

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