Increase power in PTP 54600

is there any way to increase power in PTP 54600. the max power is 7 but we need to increase it to 20 to work in our area.

Hi @hashmat, welcome to the Cambium Community.

The max power output on PTP 54600 is determined by the region code in the license key. You can see a description of each of the region codes here:

Depending on which country the link is operating in, you can generate a new license key with a different region code using the PTP-600 license key generator.

thanks, but as i checked non of country coming with 7 max power limit. and i changed country code too, same issue.

Hi Hashmat,

In the 5.4 GHz band many countries have a 30 dBm EIRP limit, so if you are using the 54600 with the integrated antenna of 23 dBi this will limit your power to 7 dBm.

Max Power = Max EIRP - antenna gain + cable loss