Increasing gain of 6.4GHz Force180 SM

Due to lack of higher gain integrated SM available for this licensed band, and phasing out the 6.4GHz CSM which could be used with any suitable antenna, and no Elevate for MikroTik BaseBox6 planned, I'm looking for an alternative solution.  The only way suggested by the distributor so far was to stockpile the 6.4GHz CSM while still available, but it's difficult for me to predict how many I will ever need, and they are not cheap.

Has anyone ever tried to put an unmodified Force180 in focus of an offset satellite dish to increase gain?
Alternatively, has anyone tried to open and modify the Force180 to add external antenna connectors?
(I haven't tried to open it yet, is the internal antenna permanently soldered, or connected to the radio board using some small connectors like uFL or MMCX?  In the past I modified MikroTik SXT6 to add antenna connectors, before BaseBox6 were available.)