Industrial / Outdoor switches


Are there any outdoor rated switches?  I thought I saw plans for their industrial grade, outdoor switches.

Working on a project that requires the use of a couple 4-port (minimum) switches to be installed outdoors. Kindly note that these won't be in any snow and/or ice cold environment. Think Florida and more specifically South Florida type weather conditions.

Some may have an opportunity to be installed inside at the bottom of the lamp post. The cavities inside (at the bottom) are large enough to hold a basic 4-8 port switch. Some may need to be mounted in a NEMA4 enclosure.

Additional Options:-

  1. both PoE and non-POE would be great.
  2. SNMP or management
  3. AC or POE powered.
  4. Don't need fibre. This will only be a CAT5/CAT6 copper based solution.

In one of the runs, I will need to uplink or connect at least three (3) in series. So, if it is powered via POE, then it will also need to provide POE for the next switch in series.

Any suggestions?

(I'll cross post this same in the ePMP forum as that is very active).

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I have forwarded this to our cnMatrix team.

Hi there,

Great questions!  We do have switches coming out that fit your exact description below.  These switches will be in production in Q3, and available for Beta testing in Q2.

We have a couple different switch families that could meet your description below.  We have a family of tower switches as well as a family of switches targeted at the outdoor video surveillance or smart city type of deployments.  This outdoor VS switch seems to meet your description below perfectly.

I'll be happy to go through the details of these switches with you.   Please reach out to your local Cambium contact or contact me directly.



Hi are the tower switches still on track for release and what sort of date are we talking


Hi Nathan,

Yes, we are still working on our Tower switches targeted at the WISP industry.  These will be our 'TX' family of switches.   Without going into details and to overly simplyfy, we have switches targeted at deployments with our 450i and 450m. We also have switches targeted at ePMP types of deployments.  

The 1st switches are on track to ship in Q4 of this year, with Beta opportunities in late Q3.

Hope this helps!


Are there any spec sheets available for these new switches yet?

Some bird tell me there will be some outdoor switches in January, we will see…

Is there any new information here? Outdoor switches is an important product category for us in combination with cnWave and cnPilot products.

cnmatrix TX2K

@TimoWanume those switches are not outdoor