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Plan to attend the Industrial Solutions webinar at 9am on Sep 15. Register HERE.

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The webinar replay is available here. Please post your questions and comments to this thread.

What is the timeline for LinkPlanner fully supporting the cnReach product line (ie. PMP in ISM, MAS, and 700 MHz and PTP in 700 MHz)?

A version of LINKPlanner supporting cnReach will be available by the end of September.  This initial version will suppor 900 MHz ISM and MAS bands operations in PTP configurations only.

A follow-up released in October will add PMP support for 900 MHz.

Support for 700 MHz is also being planning for October and November releases with PTP coming first.



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We have been searching for a solution that allows integrated radio with limited I/O, similar the the Red Lion Sixnet RAM 9000, but for private networks.

(1) this was the first I've heard aboud an I/O expansion for tht PMP or PTP series of radios. I'll jave to research documentation on that option on the Cambium web site.

(2) The limited documumentation for the cnReach n500 notes 8 pins avaiable for I/O. I've yet to find anything that further defines what that is configurable for. Analog OR discrete for all 4 would be great, but I doubt it is that flexible. Is there further info anywhere? I've searched the Cambium website, but located nothing, thinking the product is just too new. We have a project where this may be an effective solution to replace a cobbled arrangement of Phoenix Contact or ethertrak I/O, and jsut use the n500 in the unlicensed 900 MHz ISM band.

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Thanks, Bruce. --Will

HI, i've just posted a knowledge base article here that covers the I/O capabilities available on the IO Expander and the cnReach radios that include the IO option.  These capabilities include digital and analog inputs and outputs to monitor and control external devices. 

See more information here:

- Bruce

The cnreach has 4 AI/AO and 4DI/DO

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