Industry Standard for Grounding

Does anyone know of an official industry standard for grounding equipment? Would anyone know what body governs this type of industry?

Has anyone had problems with static electricity from thunder storms burning up radios? I have a theory that static electricity builds of on the antenna element and discharges into the radio similar to a capacitor.
Can anyone confirm this? One way I can think of to solve this problem is to ground the antenna element. Has anyone tried that? I know they make devices to do this. Could anyone recommend one? If you’ve tried a device to ground the element has it affected the Tx or Rx signal strength?

We are using 900 MHz connectorized radios with Pacific Wireless parabolic antennas. Many times they are mounted 5 to 10 feet above the ridge of a house.

If we were to ground the whole assembly it could attract lightning and aggravate the problem further. We would end up replacing the whole assembly, along with a section of the roof, and all the electrical wiring in our customers house.

Please comment on any of the above Q’s.